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We have audited and/or mentored over 700 schools Australia wide! The key activity of Planet Savers Australia is to help your school reduce and/or eliminate Greenhouse Gas emissions by providing a range of proactive and positive assistance.
Planet Savers Australia is a leading member of the Grand Alliance working with 400 schools across the Melbourne Metropolitan Region. We been a key partner of VAEE and CERES over several years in delivering energy audits and planning to scores of schools across Victoria through DEECD and SV funded programs.

School Energy Auditing

We offer a range of auditing options tailored to your schools needs, budget and curriculum goals. You can find a comprehensive description of all auditing services including the following packages by choosing the Our Services>Energy Auditiing on our top menu or following this link.

• Walkthrough Assessment

• Student Assisted Walkthrough Assessment

 (designed specifically for RS AuSSI VIC Existing Schools completing Energy Modules)

• Student Assisted Level 2 Energy Audit

• Comprehensive Level 2 Energy Audit

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Benefits for your school - what we offer.

Working with PSA, your school receives support through:

• An energy and/or carbon audit, assisted by students and staff.

• Assistance in identifying long-term management of energy resources through student, teacher and parent engagement.

• Consultation and professional development workshops. This will assist in raising the profile of sustainability issues and provide practical strategies to develop your schools Climate Change action.

• Ongoing mentoring programs for the wider community.

• Creating or assessing the school’s Sustainability Policy, Vision,Triple Bottom Line Reporting (economic, ecological & social impacts) 

• Expert advice on infrastructure investment to achieve your sustainability goals.

• Email and phone support as required.

• Access to relevant curriculum resources including lesson plans, work sheets and activities for both teachers and students.

• Provision of assessment equipment including a Lux meter (to measure light levels), an infrared temperature gun and a hand held energy meter and much more.


Help us to help you get started.

What is your Energy Footprint?

If you don't already know the Energy Footprint of your school, with a few bits of information you can use our ENERGY FOOTPRINT CALCULATOR. All you need is to gather the following information from your power bills.


1.  Total kWh (electricity) consumption for twelve months

2.  Total Mj (gas) consumption for twelve months

3.  Total cost of electricity and Gas for twelve months – GST

4.  Total student numbers

then enter it into the ENERGY FOOTPRINT CALCULATOR