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Energy Auditing


Energy Auditing

Auditing for energy efficiency will allow your school, business or community to address your biggest contribution to green house gas pollution. It will also give you a road map that will allow you to dramatically reduce energy costs. The Australian Energy Regulator has approved 36% to 48% increases over the next 3 to 5 years for the upgrade and replacement of poles, wires, towers and tansformers supporting the electricity distribution network. 

Planet Savers uses the following simple, four point strategy (plan) to audit your school, business or organisation.

1. Get Smart - Audit for efficiency

2. Get Green - Energy reduction and efficiency plan

3. Get Even - Balance emissions. Go Carbon Neutral!

4. Get talking - Communicate your strategy and success

 School Energy Auditing

We offer a range of auditing options taylored to your schools needs, budget and curriculum goals.

OPTION 1: Walkthrough Assessment

Our trained Energy Auditors

  • • conduct a Walkthrough Assessment accompanied by students and a qualified staff member
  • • assist staff/students to make notes of all of the saving opportunities
  • • identify opportunities for the reduction of energy waste and positive behaviour change

psa audits3a walkthrough assessment

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OPTION 2: Student Assisted Walkthrough Assessment                                            

(designed for existing’ RS schools completing the Energy Module)

 Our trained Energy Auditors

  • •  conduct a Walkthrough Assessment accompanied by students and a qualified staff member
  • •  assist staff/students to make notes of all of the saving opportunities
  • •  provide a summary
  • •  provide a template, PowerPoint Presentation and photo’s for students to report findings to the whole of school and/or staff  (Contact us)


Comprehensive information is available at the menu on the left of this page under School Resources>RS AuSSI VIC Energy Module - Walkthrough Assessment or follow this link.

OPTION 3: Student Assisted Level 2 Energy Audit

(designed specifically for full Energy Module schools using DEECD grants or SV and Council support.)

 Our trained Energy Auditors

  • •  conduct a thorough, comprehensive Walkthrough Energy Audit
  • •  assist staff/students to make notes of all of the saving opportunities
  • •  work with students to take a primary role in gathering energy use data and appliances
  • •  identify opportunities for the reduction of energy waste and positive behaviour change
  • •  provide a Level 2 Energy Audit.

psa audits3b student assisted level 2 energy audit

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OPTION 4: Comprehensive Level 2 Energy Audit

Our trained Energy Auditors

  • •  conduct a thorough, comprehensive assessment of equipment and appliances
  • •  provide a fully costed Level 2 Energy Audit
  • •  identify all saving opportunities including a plan for energy self-sufficiency
  • •  present a report to key stakeholders including staff, students and parent committees.

***Note these reports may be customized and negotiated accordingly

psa audits3c comprehensive level 2 energy audit

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Commercial Energy Auditing

All businesses are under increasing preasure to address rising energy cost and carbon liabilities.

Planet Savers offers a range of auditing services designed to accurately assess and report saving opportuities in consumption and carbon intensive fossil fuels. All Planet Saver Australia Energy Audits are carried out in accordance with AS/NZS-3598: 2000 the Australian Standard for Energy Audits.

We offer a range of specialist engineers, profficient in specific areas of expertise. 

•  Level 1

We conduct a desktop assessment of energy consumption and tariff arrangements in order to identify a list of actions that will require further investigation. A site visit is not included.

•  Level 2

This audit involves a greater level of detail, including a site visit. A trained auditor will inspect, calculate and analyse consumption data (where and how energy is used). We provide a comprehensive report with recommendations such as new and emerging technologies that will provide a more efficient outcome and full cost benefit analysis of the predicted savings and actions (plus or minus 20%)

•  Level 3

A Level 3 audit incorporates a comprehensive analysis of energy usage. It includes metering, monitoring, data analysis and documenting information to determine where, when and how energy is used. It estimates full cost benefit analyis result of plus 10% for costs, minus 10% for benefits and recommendations to achieve actual savings. 

What if I do nothing?

To do nothing will only result in substantial increases in your electricity charges. Below is graph showing the minimum projected price increases for a facility consumming $100,000 of electricity per year. We have factored in a 9.5% annual increase in electricity charges

• Consumption of 454,545 kWh per year.

• Greenhouse gas pollution produced per year, 454 tonnes. (Accumilated over 5 years 2270 tonnes)

• Tariff of 22 cents per kWh

• Average emission Factor of 1 kg per kWh (State electicity emissions range from 1.21 kg per kWh in Victoria to 0.33 kg per kWh in Tasmania)

do nothing comparison chart 

Find out how your school compares. (Energy Footprint Calculator)

Auditing (Learn More)

Carbon Auditing.

Carbon auditing allows your organisation to see the full extended footprint of all activities including waste, water and energy consumption. Its is a more comprehensive and rigourous examination of your schools complete picture which in turn will allow your school to make accurate descisions regarding your carbon neutral goals. 

Carbon Auditing for schools (Contact Us)


“Planet Savers is a long-term partner of CERES Education and its programs. For over 10 years, together we have helped schools reduce their energy usage and save thousands of dollars. Planet Savers' energy auditors not only know their stuff but they are also experienced educators who can involve and train students. We highly recommend schools work with Planet Savers to create an energy action plan that can be used for years to come.”

Kirsty Costa, Victorian Environmental & Sustainability Educator of the Year 2013, Group Manager of CERES Education

"Thank you Mark and your team from Planet Savers for the support and advice you have provided for Sandhurst schools. Your attendance at our conference and workshop presentation was very well received by staff and students alike. The innovative ideas and products that you have been able to demonstrate to schools has given them a great start in their energy efficiency initiatives.
I was thrilled to be able to participate in the student lead audit recently and gained a lot from the strategies you undertook with the students. The attention to detail, follow up and advice was first class.
Finally, thank you for your work with our Business Managers, Sustainability Education Officers, staff in charge of Solar applications and trainees running Sandhurst Switches Off. Because of the support from Planet Savers we have had success with these initiatives within Sandhurst."

Paul Dullard, Sustainability Catholic Education Officer